Set Up Configuration Server Address on a Polycom Phone

Step I: Connect the Phone

  1. Plug the supplied power adapter into the power jack and the other end into a standard power outlet (this is not applicable if you are using POE)
  2. Run an Ethernet cable from a working network jack to the LAN or SW port on the phone

Step II: Adjust the Provisioning Server Address

  1. After powering up, the display will show "Welcome! X seconds until autoboot"
  2. When the option appears, press "Setup"
  3. Enter the password supplied with the phone (if you have lost it, Submit a Ticket)
  4. Scroll down to "Server Menu" and press "Select"
  5. Press "Edit" on "Server Type"
  6. Press right arrow until you see "HTTP" and press "Ok"
  7. Scroll down to "Server Address" and press "Edit"
  8. Enter the HTTP address supplied by iTel Support. Use the * key for a period, and # for a forward slash.
  9. Hit "Ok", then "Exit" twice, and then select the "Save & Reboot" option

Step III: Watch the Display

It's possible you will have to reboot the phone a few times to get this to work. You should see these messages on the screen as it completes its provisioning process:

  1. "Downloading bootROM... Saving bootROM...Formatting file system, please wait...Waiting for network to initialize"
  2. "Downloading new updater...Saving new updater...Formatting file system, please wait...Rebooting"
  3. "Downloading new application...Saving new application"
  4. "Welcome, processing configuration"
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    Jerid Ure

    In some cases - boot server needs to be set to 'custom' and must NOT be set to option 66.