Interactive Voice Recordings (IVR or Auto-Attendant)

An IVR plays a greeting and allows callers to press different options on their phone keypad to determine the destination of the call.

For example, the recording may say, "For sales press 1, for support press 2". The message may also give the caller the option to direct dial an extension.

The following fields are worthy of note.

  • IVR Name - a simple name to help you identify the IVR
  • IVR Description - more notes to help explain your IVR
  • Announcement - the System Recording that will play when callers reach this IVR
  • Timeout - how long to wait after playing the greeting before timing out
  • Invalid Retries - how many retries a caller gets when selecting an option that's not available
  • Invalid Destination - where to route the call after all Invalid Retries
  • Timeout Retries - how many times to repeat the IVR after timeout
  • Timeout Destination - where to route the call after all Timeout Retries
  • IVR Entries - this is where you specify what options callers can select (any number, a * or an #) and the associated destination




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