Grandstream DP750 - Pair Cordless Phone to Base

The DP750 is the Base, a small black box. The DP720 is the Handset, a small handheld phone.

To pair the Handset to the Base:

  1. On the back of the Base, press and hold the button labeled with wireless symbol plainwifiright.svguntil the wireless symbol on the display starts flashing.
  2. On the Handset, select Menu → Settings → Registration → Register → Select Base (e.g. Base1) → Subscribe
  3. It will perform a "search" procedure, and prompt you to confirm the MAC address of the Base. It will be the top line and it will show only second half of the MAC address.
    (To confirm that you are paring a device to correct Base, turn it over and confirm last 6 digits on Base matches half of MAC address shown on the Handset).
  4. Once you have confirmed the correct Base, press Subscribe one more time.
  5. Congratulations your phone is now paired.
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