Fix a Phone in Web Recovery Mode

An Aastra phone can enter Web Recovery Mode if there are power issue or an incomplete download of firmware. This article will help you fix a phone in this state.

Step I: Determine the Phone's IP Address

If the screen already shows it's IP Address (a number that looks something like, you may skip to Step II: Recover the Phone.

  1. Disconnect the Aastra phone from power
  2. Reconnect the power and quickly press and hold 1 and # together
  3. Hold these buttons until the phone shows an IP address on the display

Step II: Recover the Phone

Your computer must be on the same network as the phone. If you are not comfortable with the steps below, you may contact support and Give an iTel Representative Access to Your Computer

  1. Open your computer's Internet Browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc) and enter the IP Address of the phone into the Address Bar
  2. Press Enter on your computer keyboard
  3. When the Aastra screen comes up, enter the name of the firmware in the Filename box.
    It will be named in the format "". So, for example, a 6731i phone uses the firmware file called "". (See Determine the Make and Model of a Phone)
  4. In the Server Type list, select "HTTP"
  5. In the HTTP Server box, enter ""
  6. Click "Download Firmware"
  7. This will take time - just leave it until it is done.
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    Phones check for firmware automatically only if specified to do so in their configurations. You also specify when the upgrade happens. You can also disable automatic upgrading entirely in the configurations.

    The phones will enter Web Recovery mode if they get reset during an upgrade or sometimes if they experience some sort of power surge or failure.