Recommended Settings on the Cisco RV320 or RV042 for Digital Voice

0. Log in with cisco/cisco

1. Ensure Firmware is Updated

Go to System Summary and check out the firmware version. 

 You want at least version here.  The earlier versions had a bug that makes phones register and de-register from the pbx constantly. If using a cisco RV320 get the LATEST firmware as it has a option to set UDP timeout.

Go to System Management -> Firmware Upgrade

 Click "Choose File", browse to the correct file, and hit "Firmware Upgrade"

2. Adjust Firewall Settings

Hit "Firewall -> General" on the left hand side:


Ensure the following are ENABLED

  • Firewall
  • Remote Management - port 443 (if you need remote access)

Ensure the following are DISABLED

  • SPI
  • Block WAN Request

3. Increase UDP Timeout

On certain Cisco models (like RV042), there is a hidden page. Browse to:


Ensure UDP Timeout is 300 seconds and SIP ALG is Enabled:


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