Phone Number and Line Cost

The numbers below are subject to change at any time, but hopefully give you a basic idea. In this document, phone numbers are referred to as DIDs.

Costs for iTel voice services are channel-based where a channel is a single concurrent (simultaneous) call. Anything over and above your channel limit is charged at a per-minute rate. This is known as Burst Billing because you are able to 'Burst' over your limit.

For example, if you pay for 10 channels, you can have 10 concurrent calls running with no call charges. If an 11th call is placed, you will be charged at a low per-minute rate averaging at $0.02/minute. Talk to your sales person or dealer to get pricing on channel costs.

You also need to pay a small monthly fee to retain possession of a DID:

  • Local Standard DID : $2/month
  • Local Premium DID: $3/month
  • Toll Free DID: $3/month

Toll Free is a bit different because they are not tied to a physical location. In addition to the above, Toll Free DIDs cost $0.029 per minute per caller.

Vanity Numbers

iTel is not able to offer vanity numbers (numbers that spell a word or phrase) for local DIDs. However, this option is available for Toll Free. Ask our team about availability for a particular word or phrase and we will provide some options.

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