iTel Hosted PBX Feature List

Features Included with an iTel Hosted PBX

Call Routing

  • Auto Attendant or Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) lets users select where their call will be routed
  • Ring Groups call multiple phones at once
  • Queues for more advanced features such as an breakout IVR or max callers waiting
  • Time logic allows you to change routing behaviour based on time and dates
  • Dial-by-Name Directory allows your customers to reach any user
  • Call Flow Control toggles allow you to change your call routing with a star code like *280
  • Parking Lot allows any available agent to pick up a caller on hold
  • Digital Conference Rooms with password login including admin commands such as ‘mute all users’
  • Intercom/paging functions to reach groups of internal extensions
  • Custom on hold music

System-Wide Management

  • Native support of SIP clients using OpenSIP
  • Daily system backup and restore
  • View call detail reports
  • Blacklist unwanted callers using specific caller ID


  • Virtual voicemail box available from anywhere
  • Light-up softkey notification on office phone
  • Voicemail messages attached to an email

User Control

  • User portal allowing to change call forwarding, check call logs and listen to recorded calls, download voicemail messages and more
  • Call forwarding allows users to reroute calls unconditionally when their extension is busy
  • “Follow Me” setting can ring other phone numbers after ringing your extension

Additional Programmable Features

  • Call recordings for up to a month of stored data and an option to purchase more space
  • Distinctive ring patterns based on destination
  • System admins can spy on calls in progress or have a trainee silently listen on calls
  • Anonymous outbound calling using *67 to hide your caller ID
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