Park and Retrieve Calls with the Parking Lot Feature

About Parking Lots

The Parking Lot allows you to place calls in a "Parked" state on the system, allowing anyone in your company to retrieve that call. Most companies use only the default Parking Lot (70), but you may have a more custom set up. Simply put in a support ticket if you have any trouble.

You should use the Parking Lot when you are too occupied to talk to the caller and would like to make the call available to anyone in the office to pick up. From your customer's perspective, they will be "on hold".

You should not use the Parking Lot when you want to transfer a call directly to someone else or if you simply want to put the caller on hold. See Transfer a Call to Another User and Place a Call On Hold for those features.

To Place a Call in the Parking Lot

While you are on a call, use the transfer feature on your phone to transfer the call to extension 70. This will transfer the caller to the parking lot and play back to you the Slot where the call was placed (Between 71 and 78).

To Retrieve a Call from the Parking Lot

Dial the Slot where the call was placed. This will connect you with the Parked call.

The calls are always placed in the first available Slot. For example, if no one is waiting in the Parking Lot, the next call to be parked will placed in Slot 71.

Additional Features

If you would like to program your phones to have Park Call buttons and Slot buttons, place a request with iTel Support. This will allow you to easily park calls with one button and see which Parking Slots are currently occupied with a call. Please note this is only available on certain phone models.

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