Digital Conference Rooms

You can set up a Conference Room that many people can call into and connect. The conferences can be set up under the Applications menu. 

Note the following fields

  • Conference Number - generally consists of 4 digits - use this number to dial into the conference
  • Conference Name - give it a brief name to help you identify it
  • User PIN (optional) - require users to enter a passcode before joining
  • Admin PIN (optional) - allows one user to act as a moderator of the conference with special privileges

Conference Moderator Menu.

While in the conference, the Admin/Moderator can press * for a menu.

  1. mute/unmute yourself
  2. lock/unlock conference
  3. eject last user
  4. decrease conference volume
  5. extend conference
  6. increase conference volume
  7. decrease your volume
  8. for more options...
  9. increase your volume

More Options...

1. list users
2. kick non-administrators
3. mute non-administrators
4. record conference
8. exit and return to conference

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