Time Groups

Time Groups are, as the name implies, specific blocks of time grouped together for use in a Time Condition. (Click here for Time Conditions). Time Groups use the 24 hour clock. Years are not specified so will match during any year.

Take note of the server time and the time zone the customer location is in. This way you can compensate for any discrepancy. (E.G. If server time is Pacific and customer is in Mountain time, either adjust the server time or compensate by setting all time groups an hour behind).

Add a Time Group

  1. Select Time Groups from the Applications Menu.
  2. Select Add Time Group from the menu of Time Groups on the right-hand side.
  3. Enter the Description and time ranges
  4. Hit Submit

I will use the example below to explain how the time group works.

The Time Group is a match if the current server time falls within all 4 specified ranges (Time, Week Day, Month Day, and Month). In the example above, we have a Match if the server time is...

  • between 10AM-6PM (inclusive)
  • AND if it's Monday through Friday (inclusive)
  • AND Any day of the month (leaving the "-" means "match any")
  • AND if it's May through July (inclusive)

Once you've hit Submit and created your Time Group you can add more blocks of time to the Time Group. 

Don't forget to set a Time Condition to use your new Time Group.


Example 1: A standard opening hours time group.

This can be read "From 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, any day, any month."

Example 2: A standard holiday time group.

This can be read "Any time, any day of the week, on the 25th of December." For more Holiday examples, see Time Group Logic - Recurring Holidays

Example 3: A more complex and specific time group.

To achieve the desired affect, this group needs to use 2 blocks of time. It can be read as follows.

First block: "From the beginning of the day till 7 AM, Saturday, the 2nd of March."

Second block: "From 5 PM till midnight, Friday, the 1st of March."

While they might appear backwards, the logic remains the same. This Time Group is active from 5 PM on a specific Friday till 7 AM the next morning.

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