My Phone Displays "No Service"

This message is usually found on Aastra and Mitel phones.

If there are several phones in your office displaying "No Service", see All My Phones Display "No Service"

If your phone is displaying "Network Disconnected", see My Phone Displays "Network Disconnected"


  • The phone has lost connection to your iTel Phone Server (Hosted PBX)

Possible Causes:

  • The phone is not connected to the Internet
  • Your network has been blocked by iTel for security reasons
  • The phone is not set up correctly

What do I do?

  1. Start by restarting your phone. See the article Restart a Phone
    If this resolves it, you're done!
  2. Submit a Ticket, providing the following information:
    * Your public IP address. See What is My Public IP Address?
    * Your phone's IP address. See Determine a Phone's Local IP
    * The MAC address of your phone. See Determine the MAC Address
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