Time Group Logic - Recurring Holidays

This article talks about setting holidays in Time Groups. For how to add Time Groups see the Time Groups article.

Some recurring Canadian Holidays are predictable and easy to set up, like Christmas for instance. Others however, such as Easter, aren't as workable. Below are examples of Time Groups for recurring Canadian holidays in chronological order of the calendar year.

New Years Day - January 1st

British Columbia Family Day - 2nd Monday of February

Alberta Family Day / Islander Day / Louis Riel Day / Nova Scotia Heritage Day - 3rd Monday of February

Victoria Day ("May Long") - the Monday preceding May 25th

Canada Day - July 1st

Civic Day / Provincial Day / British Columbia Day / Alberta Heritage Day / Natal Day - 1st Monday of August

Labour Day - 1st Monday of September

Thanksgiving Day - 2nd Monday of October

Remembrance Day - November 11th

Christmas Day - December 25th



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