Chapter 1 - Call Flow

Before you begin configuration of your Hosted PBX, you need to understand some term definitions as well as basic call flow.


PBX: Private Branch Exchange. In this context, it refers to the digital phone server iTel Networks is providing for you.

Inbound Route: Phone Number

Call Flow

Incoming calls enter your PBX in the form of Inbound Routes (A.K.A. Phone Numbers). The Inbound Route determines what path the call will take. They will be discussed in Chapter 3.

The call may flow through a variety of Applications - such as IVR's, Ring Groups, or Announcements - before reaching its destination. They will be discussed in Chapter 4.

The call terminates at an Endoint (A.K.A. Phone Extension) which could include a deskphone, softphone, or voicemail. They will be discussed more in Chapter 5.

Each Inbound Route, Application, or Endpoint has a Destination. This is where the call will flow to next. In your PBX Administration Interface, you will find the Destination at the bottom of each page.

Now that you understand the basics, click over to Chapter 2 - The PBX Interface



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